A gift to remember!

Diaper cakes are both memorable and practical. The cakes are hand made of disposal diapers to your specifications (color, size, theme).

Prices range from $60.00 and up, based on specifications and  ingredients used. Each cake comprises approximately  50 to 75 diapers which are useable after the cake is disassembled.
Servicing the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas

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History of Diaper Cakes

A lady in England called Jennifer Steadman came up with the idea of Nappy cakes back in 1988 when her son was born. She was putting the nappy's away one day and rolled them into cake shape by accident. The first nappy cake was made for her nephew a few months later.The first cakes were very simple in design, but over the years she developed various methods of making them more and more extravagant.Since 1988 she has developed many more designs for new parents including potty designs.She continues making and selling Nappy cakes to this day.

Diaper cakes are now made with many variations such as towels, blankets, bibs and things in general that a new mother will need for her newborn. To get them started.